Hey, some clouds!

If you check my posts from the last two summers you'll see that I like to post cloud photos, especially of sunsets, sunrises, and storms. I feel like I haven't done one of these posts in such a long time though, partly because I don't see the sunrises until the winter, I can only see what effect the sunset has on the clouds above and to the east, and we haven't had any storms this summer.

That's right, not one storm that produced any visually worthwhile cloud formations! We had a very dry summer, and the storms that did come through either happened at night, or missed my general area.


So Sunday evening while I was finishing up some bamboo-related gardening I was very pleased to look up and see a beautiful cloud-packed sky, lit with the rosy glow of the sunset. In the three minutes it took me to get my muddy shoes off (curse you triple knots!), grab the camera, change the lens, and get back outside things had faded a little, but I snapped away.

Even the high-altitude airplanes were involved!

I'll have to keep the camera closer in the next few weeks as I work in the evenings. You never know when something wonderful will appear.

(But don't be so intent on photographing that you don't just enjoy the spectacle "live" too!)


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