Trapped, then untrapped

A few days ago I noticed that there was a rabbit in my much-neglected fenced veggie garden. This didn't bother me, as there's really nothing in there that I'd care about him eating. Maybe the kale. Tomatoes? Rabbits don't eat those. There's some poison ivy growing in there that I keep forgetting about... maybe he'll eat that.

He got in because my gate has virtually disintegrated, and was pushed open about 8" at the bottom. At least I assume that's how he got in. Today though I noticed that he was still in there, and was throwing himself against the chicken wire fencing. Not injuring himself, but pretty frantic. It got me worried.


Apparently he couldn't remember how he got in, or couldn't find the gap in the gate, so I opened it wide (gingerly, as I didn't want it to fall apart completely):

That's a view from inside the garden looking out. (I actually took this from outside the fence, but forget that part and pretend you're inside the garden with the rabbit.) What a mess!

Then I moved around the perimeter of the fence to try and herd the rabbit out of the huge gap in the fence (the door).

He wasn't going for it. He ran right past the wide-open gate a few times, choosing instead to hide in the overgrown path areas. I was getting frustrated, and was about to start looking around for a bamboo cane to use to direct him better.

Then he finally moved into what looked like a favorable position:

But no, he passed the door up again.

On the next attempt though, he realized the way through the door was clear, and bounded away.

He doesn't seem to be injured, but does look a little embarrassed, don't you think?

I'd like to think that he's learned a valuable lesson and won't go anywhere near my veggie garden again, but somehow I doubt his little peanut brain has retained anything.


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Janet  – (September 20, 2011 at 4:32 PM)  

He just hasn't been in and out enough to remember before..maybe he will now...

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