Forgotten, the second

The other day I wrote about my forgotten and frozen jasmine. At the same time I noticed the jasmine was still outside, I turned to the right and noticed that I had a large potted bamboo still unprotected:

I was supposed to have included this plant with the other bamboos that I laid down on the ground and covered over with plastic, but somehow I completely forgot it -- even though I look at it every day as I go into the garage.


I definitely want to give this plant (Bashania fargesii) protection again this year, as it's such a nice bamboo:

I also want to see how it will size up in the spring. I got it in November 2008, and it looked like this:

After spending that winter in the ground (protected under an overturned pot), it produced some nice new growth and looked like this:

Last year it spent the winter in the greenhouse, and sized up quite a bit this spring:

As you can see from the progression of size increases, I'm excited about next year. Since it's marginally cold-hardy here, I need to protect it though, so what to do? I certainly wasn't going to pull up the plastic from the horizontal plants, as that was a lot of work:

There's no room left in the greenhouse either, and this plant is too tall to fit in there anyway.

I'm thinking that under the deck is the only possible spot for it:

I don't relish the thought of digging right now, but I'm pretty sure I can bury the pot here:

After thinking about it a little more, I realized that I had no other options, so dug a big hole and dropped the plant into it:

It looks pretty nice there!

Next I just need to wrap it in plastic for wind protection:

It won't get any sunlight here so no solar heat will be trapped by the plastic, but it should be warmer right next to the house. I think this is a pretty well-protected spot, and the plant should be fine here.

There's nothing more I can do now except wait for spring and hope the winter isn't too fiercely cold. That's actually a pretty nice feeling.

(I took one last look around and there were no more bamboo pots hiding anywhere.)

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Gene  – (December 9, 2010 at 6:28 AM)  

With a nice spot like that next to the house, you could plastic that whole area in, and have room for LOTS more plants under there!

Alan  – (December 9, 2010 at 8:36 AM)  

Gene -- I've thought about that, but there are perennials that grow there (in front of where I've dug) including some ferns and I don't know what putting heavy pots on them all winter will do. Plus one of them is dicentra which is my first perennial to emerge, usually in February.
I'm still thinking about it for next year though.

Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More)  – (December 9, 2010 at 9:34 AM)  

Very nice looking bamboo. I've never seen one in person but may look for one for my in-laws. I love the lush leaves.

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