A touch of Fall color

I've mentioned before that I don't have too many trees that turn spectacular colors in the Fall, but there is a bit of color around, especially if you know where to look, look closely enough, and time it right.

So I'll just take a quick look at some color today. (I've already looked at the Bald cypress.)


Most of the color in my yard is provided by the maples. This Japanese maple (Acer palmatum dissectum 'Red Dragon') starts out dark red in the Spring, turns green during the Summer, then nice and red again in the Fall:

For yellow with just a touch of orange on some leaf edges my sugar maple is just the thing:

A little reddish orange on the Apple Serviceberry:

and the Dogwood is showing a wide range of colors from yellow to red to purplish-brown, and all mixed together:

Even the oak leaves are quite interesting if you catch them at the right stage:

If you wait too long they're all brown and unattractive.

For the color champion in my yard right now though, you just have to look at this potted 'Tamukeyama' Japanese maple:

(I have a couple more Japanese maples that have not yet started changing color.)

As striking as these colors are, they disappear quickly, lasting just a day or two at most. So if you see some showy color on a tree in your yard right now, take a couple of minutes to really enjoy and observe. Tomorrow they will just be more dry, crumpled leaves that need to be removed from the lawn.

Today's autumn art is tomorrow's garden chore.

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