A few forgotten photos

Every month I end up with several photos that just didn't lend themselves to a whole post. Sometimes I had planned on taking several shots and composing a post, but the subject didn't cooperate. Take for instance this woodchuck:

He was in a perfect location one morning in my neighbor's yard. Facing just the right direction, in exactly the right spot on the hill, with the early morning light hitting him just right. The perfect photo! Except I didn't have the camera in hand, and in the 10 seconds it took for me to go grab it he had decided to move. He turned away from me, moved further down the hill, and was no longer in the good light. I snapped a few quick shots anyway, and this was the only one that was even decent. So my great post about how this woodchuck would be my arch-nemesis in the Spring turned into a single neglected photo in a folder on my drive.


So today I present all of the photos I've taken recently that I like but that didn't make it into a post. No real rhyme or reason to them, so look and enjoy.

Agastache 'Pink Pop' finally comes into its own

Imagine that -- bamboo!

The Mexican bush sage keeps getting better

Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Aureocaulis'

The dried flower of Oakleaf Hydrangea

'Spectabilis' bamboo

The Sugar Maple as it just started turning

Semiarundinaria okuboi bamboo

Some days less words, more photos is the way to go.

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