Morning webs of dew

The morning of the catfight and the butterfly bush pruning it was quite dewey. Very wet. That heavy dew made these interesting spider webs in one of my catmints (nepeta) really stand out.

I love wet spider webs, and as much as was going on this morning I couldn't pass up this opportunity to get a closer look.

There were four or five similar webs on this plant, and they all had this two-layer structure:

Not all exactly the same though. Some were so much like sails...

Such complexity, yet mostly random -- at least that's how it appears:

So what sort of spider is making these webs? I didn't see any at first, but then in one of the webs I saw it:

I'm not sure if this single spider created all of the webs, or if the other spiders were just hiding.

It's not a very large spider, but if it is the one that created all of this, it sure is a busy one.

I never would have noticed all of this without the dew.

Spiderwebs are the best thing about dewey mornings.

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