Random morning observations

I've mentioned it before, but I love walking around the garden first thing in the morning. Sun is barely up, the human noise in the neighborhood is minimal, the air is fresh, and there are sights to see!

Take this melon plant leaf for instance. The dew has collected all around the edge of each leaf!

I've never noticed that before.

It's really interesting! I wonder why this happens? Does it happen every day on this plant? Does it happen on other plants too? So many questions.

Here are a couple of pots that I planted recently:

I think they have some interesting color combinations. Both pots contain a coleus and a sweet potato vine, although in opposite colors. I may post about these in more detail later this summer.

The other day I posted about planting in the patio cracks. After a few days of rain, this is the reason I don't trust the thyme in my garden beds, let alone filling all of the patio cracks:

That's the 'minus' thyme doing it's "it's too damp so I'm going to die" thing. In the prior post it was green and healthy. Many of my groundcover thymes have done this before. The new 'Elfin' thyme is doing it too, and looks even worse:

It's got a few green leaves, but I'm not sure if these will survive. That was a waste of money.

At least the sedum looks as good as the day I planted it (less than 1 week ago):

The sedum may end up being the winner for the patio cracks. I need much more time before I decide that though.

Finally, this bamboo: Pleioblastus viridistriatus. Can you see the one shoot that has come up in the Japanese Bloodgrass in the foreground?

The bamboo is beautiful, and about 18-24" tall right now:

Except for this one shoot, which is a good 12" taller than all of the rest:

I wonder why this is happening? It's not like I water the bloodgrass or fertilize it more than the bamboo -- in fact, I don't fertilize it at all. Hmmm.

I was going to remove the bloodgrass today (and let the bamboo spread into this area), but decided I wasn't really in the mood.

I'm always in the mood for an early morning garden walk though. I always see the coolest stuff at this time!

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