Kitten update: 8 weeks

The kittens are two months old now, and starting to lose some of their kittenocity. (I tried "kittenness" and "kittenliness", but decided on "kittenocity".) Still incredibly cute though!

Tiny whitey just can't stay away from the bamboo.

Tiny toe is spoken for, and will probably be leaving in a couple of weeks.

Tiny whitey still needs a home. She's such a sweetie... loves to cuddle:

She's getting good at the camouflage, isn't she? She even matches the dirt that's on the garage door!

There aren't too many places that she (or her mother) can stand and not be seen right now...

Might as well be wearing a flourescent orange vest -- there's no blending in here!

I'm going to miss these little guys when they're gone. I'm going to be glad to have my garage back though.

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