Mulberry overload

 I've pretty much had it with mulberries this year.

As I mentioned earlier, it looked like it was going to be a banner year for mulberries based on the tree that overhangs my driveway.

My prediction was accurate. The photo above doesn't show the berry drop at its peak -- there was probably double that amount on the driveway some mornings.

Some years the fruit doesn't ripen correctly and I end up with a lot of berries that are destined for the compost pile. Other years there aren't too many berries, or they're really small.

This year there were (and still are to some extent) tons. Well, I should say "buckets".

I've had to sweep up about 10 gallons of berries from the driveway already.

That's after I collected enough berries to make three pies.

I'm tired of the driveway stains and having to tiptoe down the driveway if you're wearing shoes that you don't want to have purple-splotched soles:

I really hate wasting these good berries. If there was only something that I could make with the bucket sweepings:

I just don't think "Uncle Alan's Special Mulberry, Stick, and Leaf Pie" would end up being a cherished family recipe though.

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