Kitten update: 6 weeks

Tiny toe and Tiny whitey are just over 6 weeks old now, and they're fast! Little bundles of go-go-go! Last week I said all they did was chase each other and wrestle. They still do that, but with a lot more energy.

There's more pouncing, running, and jumping now. They're eating solid food -- not sure if they're nursing anymore, but I better find out and give them a mid-day feeding if they're not.

They love playing around in the garage. One of the first things they go for is the wheelbarrow wheel. Tiny toe is first up it, but only for a couple of seconds...

...then it's back down again. Doesn't leave much time for camera work, so these aren't the best shots.

When he's down, she's up there.

Sometimes they both get up there at the same time, but only for a split second and one of them is jumping off again. Tiny toe is flying out of there on this shot (but it's the best shot I could get of both of them on the wheel):

They love this plastic sheeting too (from my recent greenhouse dismantling). They use it as a wrestling mat and for 2-3 seconds of resting.

They also love climbing around in my potted plants. Here they are in some bamboo pots...

"Is the coast clear?"

"Yes, go ahead sis -- nobody is looking!"



" I don't know what this stuff is... nom... nom..."

"...but I love it! Chomp... munch... crunch"

Does she love it because it's bamboo (and cats love bamboo), or is it just the right size and texture for teething? I don't know, but I'm going to have to crack down and dish out some discipline. Either that or move the pots.

I mean, how can you say "no" to a face like this?

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