Kitten update: 4 weeks

I think it's time for another update on Super-whitey's kittens. They're just over 4 weeks old now.

Walking and squeaking is about all they do right now.

Not too much to say, except Tiny-whitey is still more aggressive than her brother Tiny-toe. He's a little more cautious, while she is pretty much fearless.

We let them out for a good romp once or twice a day. They hate being put back into their box.

I wonder why kittens are so fuzzy... is it to help protect them when they fall over (which they do a lot)?

When walking around, Tiny-whitey will all of a sudden switch into high gear and go speeding away, then bump into something or get tired and just stop. Luckily her top speed is pretty low and she's got a range of about six feet, so not too much chasing is needed.

We've started putting down softened kitten food for them (mom eats it), and a little water dish (they step in it), and we should be getting a small litter box together for them soon too I think.

Tiny-whitey loves hanging out in the plants -- well, at least when we put her up in a pot of bamboo she does.

She also tried to eat the nursery pot, so maybe she doesn't like bamboo especially. Maybe she just likes everything at this stage in her young life.

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