Super-whitey doesn't have as much time to follow me around the yard right now, as she's a little bit busy these days:

Yes, we now have a couple of kittens! (They're about 2 days old in this photo.)

By "have" I mean they're currently living in our garage with mom. We haven't adopted any of them, but we are taking care of them -- well Super-whitey takes care of them, and we take care of her.

It's exciting though! We've known she was pregnant for a few weeks, and knew she was getting close to delivery time because of the way she was acting and the fact that she was HUGE. Luckily our garage is half-filled with old kitchen cabinets right now (that Spring cleanup project has now been delayed) so there were plenty of safe places to put a nice comfy towel-lined box. It was easy to convince her to come into the garage, and since she didn't freak out when I closed the door trapping her inside, we knew it was only a matter of time before "the big day".

We're just glad she had them inside where it's safe. There are only two kittens, and they were born sometime during the night of April 11th (or early morning on the 12th).

She's pretty happy in the box with the kittens, but she's still pretty clumsy about laying down on top of them. I'm hoping she's not putting her full weight on them, but they do squeak a lot until they climb out from under her. That's probably normal, right?

We're thinking Toe White is the father, but that's just a guess since this one has the same markings:

Is it unusual for one kitten to look exactly like the mom and one to look like the dad?

They're a week old here. I took these photos while Super-whitey was out running around (she will leave the area for a couple minutes if I'm around "guarding" the garage, or if the door is closed). They were getting pretty squirmy and squeaky and didn't like being out of the box, so I put them back pretty quickly. Super-whitey seems fine with me picking them up while she's around, but she hasn't seen me take them away from the box yet. I think she'll be fine with it, but maybe a little nervous.

This sure does looks comfy:

It's going to be interesting watching these little "guys" grow up! (I don't know if they're boys, girls or one of each yet -- I'll let you know when I find out.) This sure is turning out to be an interesting Spring!

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Amy  – (July 3, 2011 at 5:47 PM)  

Oh, and of course these have been MOST enjoyable! Along with the bugs! Gotta love 'em! Thanks Alan!

Jennifer  – (September 26, 2011 at 8:54 AM)  

I love the second photo. "Yes, they are cute, and no, you can't touch them."

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