House Finch nest

I've written before about the wrens that were building a nest in my garage and under my deck, and hung a birdhouse. I have not yet talked about this:

It's a House Finch nest, and is located at the top of a post on our front porch.


The female has been sitting there for the last couple of weeks, and today we saw this:

Hello there!

I have to apologize for the blurriness of these photos. They're being taken through a window and a storm window (both of which need a good Spring cleaning!) through the vertical blinds, and it's a tough upward angle with the camera. I hope to refine my technique soon and get some sharper photos.

So here's mom, waiting to feed the baby finch:

Make that two baby finches!

Here's Dad with some food, and it's three babies!

Mom is excited to see him...

Is she hungry too?

Dad! Dad! Down here! We're hungry! Dad! Dad!...

So is this a kiss hello, or just Dad passing the food on to Mom so she can feed the chicks? It's probably a food pass, but I like to think it's a kiss.

I'll be keeping an eye on the nest and will post updates every few days. Once I learn how to focus that is.

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